Power-Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change

“As violence and trauma escalate daily around the world, a larger vision, as well as skills in nonviolence, are desperately needed to heal and transform destructive attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve the human family. Dr. Wineman offers an invaluable perspective to the field of traumatology connecting personal trauma with its potential impact on political and societal levels. Power-Under challenges both therapeutic and political communities to critical reflection and dialogue on the interconnection between trauma and nonviolence.”

- Patricia Mathes Cane, Ph.D.
Founder/Co-Director Capacitar International;
Author of Trauma Healing and Transformation

“Steven Wineman's path breaking book awakens us to the emotional trauma deeply embedded in the psyches of the vast majority of people in our society as a result of multiple forms of oppression. His passages clarifying the brutal socialization of boys into manhood go a long way to helping us understand men's behavior across the political spectrum. The persuasive case he makes for the fact that most of us have been deeply emotionally scarred opens us to a collective exploration of our common ground for social and personal transformation and validates honest dialogue around power relations within progressive organizations. The book's greatest contribution will be to give birth to many other kinds of attempts to work with the emotional and spiritual dimensions of trauma and healing as part of a liberatory political and cultural process of long-term change. Power-Under is a book we need to deepen our understanding of our stubborn contrariness as human beings and how to embrace this contradictory nature in ways that can free us rather than destroy us.”

- Mary Jo Hetzel, Ph.D.
Springfield College

Power Under is one of those rare books that changes one's view of the world subtly and profoundly. The distinction between one's experience of powerlessness and one's actual access to power and resources has been profoundly enriching for me, helping me both with deepening my compassion and in supporting more people in gaining inner freedom. Anyone would benefit from reading this small and quietly revolutionary book, and I would recommend it especially to those who seek to gain an understanding of what makes creating a peaceful world such a challenging task despite our deep longing for peace.”

- Miki Kashtan
Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication
co-founder, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

“Steve Wineman's book, Power Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change, provides a clear and compelling explanation of the root psychological and emotional causes of violence and oppression. His personal style of exploring the dynamics of power from the point of view of both the victim and victimizer invites us all to expand our understanding of our own experiences. The insights into the inner reality of the perpetrator/oppressor are essential for anyone seeking to effectively work with men as clients or as allies in ending violence against women.”

- Steven Botkin, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Men's Resources International

“When I read Steve Wineman's book Power Under, I felt excited and wanted to share the book with everyone I knew. Power Under is a major contribution in helping us understand the impact of our past trauma on our behavior in decision making and social contexts. With understanding can come clarity about letting go of self-blame and taking on responsibility for creating diverse, inclusive cultures that value everyone's needs. Another world is possible when we recognize both power-over and power-under, and shift to power-with.”

- Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
Co-founder, Institute for Peaceable Communities

Updated Jan. 2008